What is Quadroside

Quadroside is a Custom Game for Dota 2 that allows you to play Dota with four teams. Do not miss your chance to play this unique Game Mode.
There are four game modes (Classic, Dominion, Holdout and Arena) in Quadroside.

How to play Quadroside:
1. Subscribe on Steam Workshop: Click here!
2. Launch Dota 2 and go to "Custom Games" tab.
3. Click "installed" and find Quadroside 5v5v5v5 Custom Game.
4. Select Game Mode (if you don't know what to select, read information at the bottom of this site.)
5. Click big green button "PLAY"
6. Enjoy it!

Please leave your comments at Steam Workhop or in my twitter/VK page. Thank you for playing Quadroside!


What you should know about Quadroside
Over 60.000 Subscribers, Four Game Modes, Frequent Updates

Quadroside Classic rules are similar to classic DotA, but there are some differences. This is standard DotA PvP game, but with four teams, so all that you need is to destroy enemies' towers, heroes and ancients.

Quadroside Dominion Rules are same, but battle goes on another map.

Quadroside Arena is a Deathmatch Mode. Complete 100 Kills to win in Quadroside Arena.

Quadroside Holdout is a game mode there you need to defend your single tower from creeps and monsters waves. This gamemode will be available after Quadroside will reach 100.000 Subscribers point.

  • Quadroside Classic

    Beta testing progress

  • Quadroside Dominion

    Beta testing progress

  • Quadroside Arena

    Beta Testing Progress

  • Quadroside Holdout


Quadroside Developer

Currently there is only one developer of Quadroside Custom Game
Vlad Smokov
Web Designer, Programmer and an enthusiast
One day i noticed that Valve released Dota 2 Reborn and i decided to make an modification. I thought about this and didn’t know what to do, but then i clicked on «New map…» button i got inspired.
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Latest Updates and news

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